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Thank you for your interest. This study is set up to be a part of my master thesis that focusses on the capabilities of ChatGPT to design personal workout or diet plan-recommendations. For this, you will be asked to provide personal information about yourself so that the program can give you a tailored recommendation. [This will happen by means of a conversation with the AI chatbot.] [This recommendation will be generated at the end of the survey, when your information will be transferred to ChatGPT. The response of the software will then be given to you to assess.] Before finishing the study I will ask you whether the result provided is suitable for you and your needs. I.e., you will rate the response generated by ChatGPT.

It is important to note that your input will be handed over to ChatGPT. Thus, the privacy policy of OpenAI (see https://openai.com/policies/privacy-policy) applies. In order to work, the study has been designed to hand over data continuously between this website and the ChatGPT-API. Therefore, any provided data that was put into ChatGPT cannot simply be removed from my part, even if you later on decide to withdraw from the study.

Your participation in this study is voluntary and you can terminate the session if you do not want to take part anymore. Please note though that this will exclude you from the compensation on Prolific.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me under the e-mail address that is provided to you on Prolific.

By clicking on “Continue” on the bottom of this page, you give your consent in taking part in this study. If you wish to end this study, please close this site and return your study on Prolific. Thanks!

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